Member of the Year Award

In 2007 the NCA Board established a new award, NCA Member of the Year, to be given to the NCA member who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has made an outstanding contribution to the NCA in that club year. This award, unlike the Isabel Kurth Award or Sam Butler Good Sportsmanship Award, does not necessarily honor long-term contribution to the club. Instead, it recognizes that members - old and young, new and long-standing, may step forward to make extraordinary contributions in a broad spectrum of ways to help the NCA.

2007 - Marylou Zimmerman

2008 - Clyde Dunphy

2009 - Barbara Finch

2010 - Diane Lynch

2011 - Sue Miller

2012 - Debbie Bridge

2013 - Sandee Lovett and Amy Lane

2015 - Susan Kerby

2016 - Dan Zimmerman and Matt Sidesinger

2017 - Steve Britton

2018 - Don Sharkey

2019 - Susan Wagner

2020 - Sue Raney


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